Just For Parents

Kid-friendly websites–

Finding appropriate websites for your children is sometimes difficult.  We’ve found these to be educational and fun.  Enjoy them with your children–

Choose My Plate has lots of good information and interactive tools for adults and children.

Apps for Healthy Kids

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab

Eat and Move-O-Matic

Snack Planet

Max on Snax

Educational games focussing on hand washing.

Michelle Obama’s campaign focused on childhood obesity.

Sesame Street videos.

Kid-friendly recipes.

Physical Activity games.

Websites for parents–

Feeding Our Families newsletter


Commodity Fact Sheets/Recipes

Healthy Meal Ideas

USDA Recipe Finder

Spend Smart. Eat Smart

Minnesota WIC Recipes

Quick, healthy meal & snack ideas–

Saving money on food–

Seasonal and Simple

Physical activity–


Food labels–

American Dietetic Association

Feeding children–

General Nutrition Information from University of Missouri

American Dietetic Association articles, tips and recipes

Community food programs–

Wisconsin FoodShare

Food safety–

Food Safety & Health

4 Day Throw Away

Preserving food–