Crops & Farm Management

Upcoming Events

Clean Sweep – September 9 in Lancaster at Premier Cooperative Agronomy Center.  8 am – noon.  Pre-registration is required.  Call or stop at the Grant County UW-Extension Office to sign up (608) 723-2125.  Please have a list of chemicals and how many pounds for pre-registration. There are two other dates for Iowa County and Lafayette County.  The Clean Sweep brochure lists the alternative dates and information.

Clean Sweep Press Release

Crops & Farm Management Areas

Business Analysis

Enterprise Budgeting

Grain and Forage Crops

  • Production Management
  • Harvesting and Storage

Nutrient Management

  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin

Pesticide Management

  • Private Pesticide Applicator Certification
  • Pest Management Guide

If you have any questions regarding Agriculture, please contact:

Ted Bay
Grant County Crops & Farm Management Agent

Youth and Agriculture Center, 916 E. Elm St., Suite A, Lancaster, WI 53813
Phone: 608-723-2125   Fax: 608:723-4315